Getting Started with Foxy + Webflow

The following information will give you a better understanding of what Foxy does and doesn't do, making it easier to integrate with your Webflow website. Be sure to subscribe to receive Foxy + Webflow updates.

Where are products managed?

Products are created with a basic link or html form, simply passing different product parameters (ie: name, price, color, image, etc.) to the cart. Whether you're selling one or hundreds of products, you'll manage these products entirely in Webflow. Please choose from the methods below:

I only have one product to sell:

When selling a single product or when you'd prefer not to use Webflow's CMS, we recommend the following methods:

I have multiple products to sell:

While it's possible to use one of the previously mentioned methods to manage multiple products, we recommend using Webflow's CMS.

Customer Reviews

Automatically collecting and displaying customer reviews in your Foxy + Webflow store is super easy with our integration with Monto. Click below to learn more.